Free Scholarship To Study In UK.

Free Scholarship To Study In UK

There are many scholarships available for international students that cover most, if not all of the fees and costs associated with studying in the UK. Some are offered by universities and others are provided by private companies such as banks. Be sure to start your scholarship search early and do your research. Each university, course and type of scholarship tends to have different eligibility criteria.

1. University of Nottingham International Scholarship

The University of Nottingham is one of the top universities in England. The scholarship program offers a tuition fee and living allowance. It’s ideal for students who want to study in the UK, which is known for its cosmopolitan culture and vibrant social scene. This fully funded scholarships for international students is open to high-achieving students from Africa, India, or selected Commonwealth countries. It covers up to 100% of your master’s degree course tuition fees. Applicants for this scholarship are assessed on their vision and tangible plan to address key economic, environmental, structural, or social challenges within their home country. This is in addition to more traditional scholarship criteria such as academic merit, achievements, and motivation. This is a competitive program and has a limited number of places available.

2. University of Westminster International Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to international students pursuing their post-graduate degree in University of Westminster. It covers all the fees for the programme including accommodation and living expenses. The selection process starts after you apply for a course and receive an offer of a place on the program. You will need to submit your application form before June along with other documents for evaluation. This application will include a copy of your conditional or unconditional offer letter and a reference letter from someone who knows you well. This scholarship is provided by one of the best universities in the UK. It supports Home students from Black and Mixed Black ethnic background during their higher education journey. The scholarship provides funding of up to PS5,000 to help with tuition fees or maintenance costs for a maximum of three years.

3. Fulbright Scholarship

Given the ‘special relationship’ between the US and UK, it’s no surprise that Fulbright scholarships are often a popular option for students hoping to study in the UK. The US-UK Fulbright Commission offers a number of different scholarships, including the UK Partnership Award category which allows applicants to undertake graduate studies at universities across the country. This program is open to researchers, faculty, and professionals and can last from eight to two years. It also includes a dependent allowance and international travel. It’s essential to find a mentor in your host country for this type of grant, and your professors can help you reach out to potential overseas contacts. This is one of the most difficult parts of applying for the scholarship, so it’s something you should start working on before your application is due.

4. Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening Scholarship is open to people from all over the world, and it gives you a fully-funded one-year master’s degree in the UK. You’ll be able to focus on your studies and build a global network that will benefit you for the rest of your life. You’ll also learn to speak English fluently, which will help you in any career you choose. And you’ll get to immerse yourself in a variety of cultures and opinions. You’ll need to meet the requirements for your course and have a strong personal profile. You’ll also have to submit references and attend an interview at the British Embassy or High Commission in your country.

5. British Council Scholarship

The British Council Scholarship helps international students study in the UK. It is awarded to students who are interested in STEM subjects and have a strong interest in developing their career as leaders in their field. Applicants must have a high standard of English and be able to demonstrate their ability to succeed in a UK Master's degree program. They must also be able to return to their home country after their studies and contribute back to the development of their community. The application process is free and easy. The deadline for the next round of applications is October 31, 2023.  

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